Viewing Pages

To move from page to page in Wiki, follow the links within each page. Links with a world icon beside them link to external websites or to attachments. These will open in a new window.

As you navigate around Wiki, your breadcrumb trail will appear at the top of the page. (A breadcrumb trail lists the pages that you have visited in order.) You can use this to return to any page at any time.

Unlike some wiki tools, Wiki does not have a separate menu to navigate through the pages. All navigation must be done through links on the pages.

Searching for content

To search for content, type your search term in the search box and press 'return'. All pages on that wiki site containing your search terms will be listed. Don't forget that pages which are not in the wiki will not be searched. This includes other Sakai pages (e.g. Schedule, Syllabus) and attachments to the wiki.

This search will be recorded in your breadcrumb trail and you can return to your results page at any time.

Wiki will recognise the 'and' operator but not 'not' or 'or'. For example, searching for 'children and dahlias' will find pages which contain both the word 'children' and the word 'dahlias' but not pages which contain one of the words but not both.