Providing Formative Feedback on a Wizard

If you have appropriate permissions to act as a reviewer, you may review and provide formative feedback on the work of any site participant in any wizard in the site. Each participant's work is displayed in read-only mode.

To provide feedback, you fill out a form that is linked to the wizard as a whole or to a particular page and give your completed form a unique title. This completed form is then available to the site participant. Subsequently, you may fill out the same form any number of times (with a different title each time) to provide feedback on changes the participant may have made. You may review and provide feedback at any time up until the participant submits the wizard or the wizard page for summative evaluation.

To review and provide feedback on a wizard, access the Wizards tool and follow these steps:

  1. If the Wizards home page is not displayed, click the Reset button.
  2. Use the dropdown list to select the name of the person whose wizard you want to review.
  3. Click Go. Sakai displays a list of wizards for the user you specified.
  4. Find the wizard you want to review and click its name. Sakai displays the introductory page of that wizard.
  5. Review the introductory page and then click Continue. Sakai displays the first page of the wizard. If this is not the page you want to work with, click Continue until you reach the appropriate page.
  6. To review an attached item on any page, click its name.
  7. To enter feedback, click the Add Feedback link in the "Feedback" section at the bottom of the page. Sakai displays a screen containing a feedback form.
  8. Enter information in the fields, as appropriate. Caution: The Access section of the screen allows you to make your feedback public to people other than the participant whose work you are reviewing. As a general rule, we advise against making feedback public in any way. To keep your feedback between you and the participant, do not click either radio button in this section.
  9. To add your feedback, click Add. Sakai displays the wizard page again. The title of your feedback is shown in the Feedback section of the screen.
  10. Choose from among these options:
    • To review other pages in this participant's wizard, click Continue.
    • To return to the Wizards home page, click Return to Wizards.
    • If you have reached the last page of the wizard, click Finish to return to the Wizards home page.