Profile2: Searching for people

You can search for people by name, email or common interest and even add them as a connection if you like.

Searching for people

To search for people by name or email

  1. On the Search page, type their name, email or part thereof, into the person's name or email search box.
  2. Click Search by name or email to find people that match your search parameters

The list of results will be returned underneath the search box. If your search returns too many results, you'll be prompted to refine your search.

When you search, you might have the option to Add them as a connection or View their connections. See below more for information on these actions.

Note: Depending on each person's individual privacy settings, what you see in the search results may be restricted. You too can control who can find you in searches and what other people see of your own profile in your privacy settings.

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