Profile2: Preferences

On your preferences page you can control what emails are sent you when various actions occur, choose what widgets are shown on your profile, manage your preference to an officially provided image (if configured) as well as manage the Twitter integration for your status updates.

To manage your email notifications

  1. Click the radio buttons to adjust the settings on or off for each preference.

To manage the Twitter integration

  1. You must be connected to the internet.
  2. Click Link Twitter account which will open a new window and connect to Twitter.
  3. Follow the prompts to grant Profile2 access to post status updates to Twitter and you'll be presented with a PIN code.
  4. Back on the Preferences page, enter that PIN code in the box and click Link. Your details will be verified with Twitter.

You can disable the Twitter integration by clicking Unlink.

Official profile image settings

If available, you can check the checkbox to use the official institutional profile image in place of any one you might have set yourself. You can disable this at any time and your profile will revert to the image you had set previously.

Widget settings

If available, you can choose what widgets appear on your profile. Hover over the info icon for more information about each widget.

When you are finished, click Save settings.

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