Profile2: Managing your pictures

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In Profile2 you can create your own picture gallery, and view the picture galleries of other users and your connections.

Viewing pictures

When viewing your own pictures or the pictures of another user, hovering over a picture provides an option to View image which provides a larger view of the selected picture. If viewing one of your own pictures, additional picture options are included with the larger view, such as Remove picture and Set as profile image.

Adding a new picture to your gallery

The Add picture panel at the bottom of your gallery provides a button for choosing a picture to upload, and a second button for uploading the picture to your gallery.

Removing a picture from your gallery

When viewing a picture, you have the option to Remove picture from your gallery.

Setting a picture as your profile image

When viewing a picture, you have the option to Set as profile image the picture being viewed. This option will replace any existing profile image with the chosen gallery picture.

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