Profile2: Managing your connections

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In Profile2 you can search for people, view their profiles and add them as connections. They will then show up in your connections matrix on your Profile page, and in your Connections list.

Adding someone as a connection

When you are viewing someone else's profile, you might have the option to Add them as a connection. If so, click this link to open the confirmation window, then click Add connection. Depending on their settings, they will receive an email notification, and be prompted to confirm your connection request.

Accepting or ignoring a connection request

If someone else adds you as a connection, you must first confirm or ignore that request before you are both connected.

On the Connections page, click the green tick to accept or the red cross to ignore that friend request.

Managing your connections

On the Connections page you can remove connections by clicking the red cross .

Note: Email confirmations are sent whenever you add someone as a connection or accept a connection request, but are never sent when you ignore a connection request or remove a connection.

You can configure what emails are sent in your Preferences page.

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