Portfolios - Overview

An electronic portfolio is a collection of one or more web pages that presents information of your choosing and allows you to share it with others. Portfolios serve real-world purposes, such as career development and job search, documentation of and reflection on experience and learning, and collaboration. For example, you might create a portfolio for your resume or curriculum vita. You might also make a portfolio to showcase art, writing, or other talents and skills you have developed. Other uses of portfolios include collaboratively reporting on group projects and presenting learning you have demonstrated in matrices or wizards. These are just a few of the many ways people have used online portfolios.

To create and work with a portfolio in Sakai, you use both the Resources tool and the Portfolios tool. First, you collect the material you want to present in Resources. Then you use the Portfolios tool to present the information.

The Portfolios tool allows you to do all of the following:

At your institution, some styles, layouts, and templates may be available only to a specific site, while others are available to all sites. Therefore, users working in different sites may have access to different styles, layouts, and templates.