Matrices: Overview

A matrix is a type of wizard. The Glossary tool provides context and definitions for the criteria and levels in a matrix.

A matrix is a type of wizard that provides structure and guidance for any learning process that can be organized into two dimensions - rows and columns. Matrices track progress across criteria, milestones, or standards (the rows) in relation to different activities or levels (the columns).

Matrices allow site participants to provide evidence of learning or other achievements in criteria, standards, or skills according to different levels of ability or areas of activity. They can be used to document learning or achievements in many areas - general education, co-curricular development, program requirements, course activities, graduation standards, faculty promotion and tenure, and more.

Within a matrix, the intersection of each row and column forms a cell. The cell's content provides a means of tracking achievement, encouraging reflection on the learning experience, and providing feedback and evaluation.

Each cell presents participants with instructions, samples, and forms to be completed, along with informational files, URLs, and/or other materials. Participants complete the forms that are presented and provide evidence from Resources to document their learning or achievement in relation to the criterion and level for this cell. Participants also reflect upon that evidence according to prompts provided in the cell.

Site organizers guide participants through the activities for each cell. To provide this guidance, they supply instructions, rationale, and examples in the cell. They may also include forms that structure participant evidence of learning or achievement. Additionally, they provide forms that prompt participants to reflect upon their evidence, forms in which designated reviewers provide feedback on participant progress, and forms in which designated evaluators offer their evaluation of the work after a participant submits the cell. Finally, site organizers may also determine the order in which participants complete the cells.

As a site organizer, you can create portfolio templates to display the content of a completed matrix or a matrix in process. Through these templates, you can allow site participants to transform their matrices into portfolios.

If you are a system administrator or a site organizer, you can use the Matrices tool to perform the following activities.

If you are a site participant, you use the tool to complete matrices.

The Matricies home page contains a list of matrices for the site. For each matrix, the list contains its name, description, and owner and indicates whether it has been published. If the list of matrices is longer than one page, use the buttons under the Matrices menu bar to display other pages in the list.