Glossary: Overview

The Glossary tool provides definitions for row and column names in matrices. By doing so, it compensates for the limited space allowed for row and column names.

When participants move the mouse over a row or column name in a matrix, Sakai displays a short definition or explanation that has been entered via the Glossary tool. When participants click on the name, it hyperlinks to more extensive information of the site organizer's choosing. Site organizers often use these hyperlinks to provide detailed information on objectives, outcomes, or standards represented by each criterion; a complete list of campus activities for each category; or an extensive grouping of resources to develop each skill.

If you are a system administrator or an instructor, the Glossary tool allows you to create the short and long definitions and explanations described above. If you are a system administrator, you may also make glossary terms global. In this case, the terms will be displayed in all sites that use the Glossary tool in this Sakai instance.

This tool also allows you to manage glossary terms in other ways. You may:

To access the Glossary tool, click the Launch button for Glossary. Sakai displays the Glossary home page.

The home page contains a list of glossary terms in alphabetical order, along with their short definitions. You have several options for viewing the glossary: