Publishing a Form

In order to make a form available to site participants, you must publish it.

To publish a form, access the Forms tool and follow these steps:

  1. If the Forms home page is not displayed, click the Reset button.
  2. Find the form you want to publish.
  3. Display the form according to the instructions in "Viewing a Form". Check to be sure that all fields, field names, and instructions, including spelling, are correct.
  4. Optional: To ensure that the information for the form is complete and correct, click the Revise link. Check the details, make changes as needed, and save the changes before proceeding.
  5. Click the Publish link for the form you want to publish. Sakai displays this confirmation screen:
  6. To proceed with publishing the form, click Yes. Sakai displays the Forms home page. The Site State for this form has been changed to "published." Or, to return to the home page without publishing the form, click No.