Changing Permissions

To change the default permissions for the Wizards tool, access the tool and follow these steps:

  1. If the Wizards menu bar is not displayed, click the Reset button.
  2. Click the Permissions button on the menu bar. Sakai displays the Permissions screen.
  3. Referring to the table below, check boxes to select the appropriate permissions for users in each role.

    Permission Description
    Publish Users in this role may publish wizards for use by the site participants.
    Delete Users in this role may delete unpublished wizards.
    Create Users in this role may create and import wizards for use by themselves and/or site participants.
    Edit Users in this role may change any component of unpublished wizards and a limited number of components of published wizards.
    Review Users in this role may review participant work in progress in wizards and offer formative feedback on it.
    Evaluate Users in this role may review work that participants have submitted via wizard pages or wizards as a whole and offer summative feedback on it.
    View Users in this role may view and complete published wizards that have been created for their use.
    Export Users in this role may export a wizard to their desktops as a compressed file.

  4. To save the permissions settings, click save. Sakai saves the settings and displays the Wizards home page. Or, to return to that screen without saving your changes, click cancel.