Basic LTI: Overview


The Sakai Basic LTI tool allows you to include tools that support the IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability standard in your sites. The Basic LTI launch protocol securely sends user, site, and role information to the external tool using the OAuth ( security mechanism.

The site owner or the system administrator can configure a Basic LTI tool. If the system administrator pre-configures a Basic LTI tool, it appears in the list of tools like any other tool that can be added to the site by the site owner.

Tool Configuration

If the system administrator gives the site owner access to an unconfigured Basic LTI tool, a site owner can set up a link to any external tool they like. When you make arrangements with an external tool provider, they will provide you with a launch URL for the tool, key, and a secret. These values must be entered as part of the configuration of the tool. Make sure not to reveal these values to the other members of the site. Once you have entered these values into the tool, it can properly sign launch requests. Site members who are not site owners cannot see the configuration screen for the tool.

The Basic LTI configuration also includes the ability to send or suppress user identity information to the external tool such as the user's name or E-mail address. In addition, you can set the frame size, as well as the button and title text for the tool from the configuration screen. If the tool you are working with was created by a system administrator, they may have already pre-configured and locked a number of the configuration options for the tool.

Need more help?

For more information or assistance, please contact your local support team. For more details on the technical aspects of the IMS Basic LTI standard, see