Pasting from Microsoft Word

When using the WYSIWYG editor, pasting from Microsoft Word directly into the text box often means you include formatting codes that don't work as they did in your original document. To paste from Word correctly, use the Paste from Word icon, as described below.

Note: Some users have reported difficulty using Paste from Word in Internet Explorer 9. For best results, use a supported browser; see Which browser should I use?

  1. Copy the content of the Word document.

  2. In the WYSIWYG editor, in the toolbar above the text box, click the Paste from Word icon:

    The Paste from Word icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar

  3. The Paste from Word dialog box will appear:

    The Paste from Word dialog box pops up

  4. Click inside the box, and then press Ctrl-V (Windows) or Command-V (Mac OS X) to paste the content.

  5. Review the pasted content for accuracy (the formatting may vary slightly from your original), make any needed corrections, and then click OK.

You'll then return to the process of creating whatever item you were working on.