Menubar: Overview

What it does

In your site, the menubar is a customizable column along the left of the screen that contains links to numerous collaborative tools. Site leaders have permissions to add, edit, and delete tools with Site Info or Worksite Setup.

Key concepts

Adding tools: A site participant with the appropriate role can modify the content of the site's menubar by adding or subtracting tools using the Site Info tool.

The site owner can choose to display (or hide) most tools in the menubar. Tools available may include the following, and possibly additional tools. Your system administrator controls which tools are available on your system. When new tools become available, or users' needs change, your system administrator can add tools to the system, and then they will appear in the list of tools that you can add to your site.

Site Info displays information about the site for site participants. Site leaders can use this tool to add participants, edit tools, manage groups, and import files. This tool is part of every site and cannot be deleted from the menubar.

The Help tool has support documentation for all the tools and can contain links to other support resources.

Things to consider

Help documentation

For help documentation about the menubar, see Menubar.